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Basic information

EDI Journal as the official member magazine of EDI – European Association of Dental Implantologists – is the first and only ­European professional journal of its kind for clinicians with a distinct interest in dental implantology. The specific dental section of this periodical offers a wealth of original work, case reports, scientific research and other articles presented by international authors, all helping to make this top-quality platform a truly international voice in dental implantology. A peer-reviewed scientific journal, EDI Journal is also a platform for product innovations, new technologies, techniques and methods.

Leading dental implantologists are offered exhaustive information on important ancillary themes such as European standards, quality guidelines, legal advice, questions of remuneration and professional qualification and specialization. With a large number of EDI partners throughout Europe, EDI Journal offers direct access to cutting-edge knowledge and places technical excellence and the intra-European exchange of knowledge at the centre of attention, striving towards continual advances in implant education and the creation of pan-European standards and compliance for a progressive harmonization of dental implantology in Europe.

Place of issue
Schwabmünchen, Germany

17th Volume 2021

English (also recommended for advertising)

Advertising deadline
4 weeks prior to publication


4 times per year (March, June, Sept., Dec.)


Implantologists in Europe

Subscription price
International €58 (incl. VAT & postage),
Germany €40 (incl. VAT & postage)

Hard Facts


  • Place of Issue: Schwabmünchen, Germany

  • Volume: 17th Volume 2021

  • Language: English (also recommended for advertising)

  • Advertising Deadline: 4 weeks prior to publication

  • Frequency: 4 times per year (March, June, Sept., Dec.)

  • Circulation: 8,000

  • Readership: Implantologists in Europe

  • Subscription Price: Foreign countries 58.00 EUR (incl. VAT & postage),
    Germany 40.00 EUR (incl. VAT & postage)

Media Information

Schedule for 2021

Issue Date of publication Deadline for editorials Deadlin for bookings Copy/artwork deadline
1/21 29 Mar 2021 25 Jan 2021 29 Jan 2021 03 Feb 2021
2/21 29 Jun 2021 31 May 2021 31 May 2021 07 Jun 2021
3/21 21 Sep 2021 04 Aug 2021 23 Aug 2021 26 Aug 2021
4/21 20 Dec 2021 27 Oct 2021 18 Nov 2021 22 Nov 2021

Issue 1/21
Date of publication: ­29 Mar 2021
Deadline for editorials: ­25 Jan 2021
Deadline for bookings: ­29 Jan 2021
Copy/artwork deadline: ­03 Feb 2021

Issue 2/21
Date of publication: ­29 Jun 2021
Deadline for editorials: ­31 May 2021
Deadline for bookings: ­31 May 2021
Copy/artwork deadline: ­07 Jun 2021

Issue 3/21
Date of publication: ­21 Sep 2021
Deadline for editorials: ­04 Aug 2021
Deadline for bookings: ­23 Aug 2021
Copy/artwork deadline: ­26 Aug 2021

Issue 4/21
Date of publication: ­20 Dec 2021
Deadline for editorials: ­27 Oct 2021
Deadline for bookings: ­18 Nov 2021
Copy/artwork deadline: 22 Nov 2021

Formats and rates 2021

A4, 210 mm x 297 mm (W x H)

Trimmed size
175 mm x 265 mm (W x H)

Priority position

  • Inside front cover: + 20%
  • Inside back cover: + 20%
  • Back cover: + 25%

Formats and rates 2021

(Alle Formate im Anschnitt ohne Aufpreis)

€ 3,520 
bleed format: 216 x 303 mm
1/1 page, 4c

€ 3,520 
format: 175 x 165 mm
1/1 page, 4c

1/2 vertical
€ 1,840 
format: 85 x 265 mm
1/2 page, 4c

1/2 horizontal
€ 1,840 
format: 175 x 128 mm
1/2 page, 4c

1/3 vertical
€ 1,610 
format: 55 x 265 mm
1/3 page, 4c

1/3 horizontal
€ 1,610
format: 175 x 83 mm
1/3 page, 4c

1/4 vertical
€ 1,090 
format: 85 x 128 mm
1/4 page, 4c

1/4 horizontal
€ 1,090 
format: 175 x 60 mm
1/4 page, 4c

Special advertising formats 2021

Do you have any special communication needs? We offer customized solutions.

stapled insert, 2 pages
€ 2,780 
4c, customer-provided

stapled insert, 4 pages
€ 3,300
4c, customer-provided

EDI-plus, 4 pages
€ 4,580
(printing included!)
4c, perforated

stapled insert, 2 pages A5
€ 3,580 (printing included!)
4c, perforated

on booked 1/1 page*
€ 1,700 
(glued-on by machine)
€ 2,700 
(glued-on by hand)
*Postcard, flyer, booklet
(A6, max. 25 gr), if necessary:
plus polybag (€ 148/1,000)

€ 479/1,000 + applicable postage
customer provided, max. 10 cm high


Loose inserts
€ 238/1,000 + applicable postage

Insert at a special position
€ 278/1,000 + applicable postage

Polybagged outserts
578 €/1,000 + applicable postage

Adjustments to print space
Can be realized by our graphic department

Off the base rate for multiple insertions within one year:

  • 2 insertions – 10%
  • 4 insertions – 20%

(No discounts for inserts etc.)

All rates are quoted in euros and are subject to VAT.

Print material

General information

  • Printing: Offset printing
  • Submissions: Material must be received no later than two weeks before the publication date.
  • Quantity to be submitted: Print run + 5%
  • Delivery address for inserts: The delivery address for inserts will be communicated on your order confirmation. Please note the title and issue of the journal (e.g. EDI 1/2021) on the waybill. 

We need a definitive pattern, or a blind model with accurate sizes and weight, if necessary, for order acceptance. Inserts must meet the postal requirements, specifically, they must not be confused with editorially content. Inserts will be placed at the publisher’s discretion and in accordance with the technical possibilities.

Inserts will be inserted loosely. Maximum insert size is 205 x 290 mm. Any post-processing that may be required will be billed separately. If a material other than paper is to be used, please contact the publisher regarding the pos­tal requirements. Split-run inserts (e.g. inserts for specific postcode zones only) are available on request.

Postcards and samples of merchandise
Glued-on postcards or merchandise samples are billed like inserts. For an order to be accepted, an advertisement mockup including the postcard or the merchandise sample must be presented. Postal approval may also have to be obtained. The pasting edge should always be parallel to the gutter.
Sizes: Minimum: 90 x 140 mm (W x H), Maximum: 125 x 235 mm (W x H).

Digital print material

  • General: Do not send your material as an open file, but as EPS, TIFF (minimum 300 dpi) or PDF and inject the fonts into the file. If this is not possible, please enclose the fonts.General: Do not send your material as an open file, but as EPS, TIFF (minimum 300 dpi) or PDF and inject the fonts into the file. If this is not possible, please enclose the fonts.
  • Data transmission: Via email to s.krischik@teamwork-media.de or via FTP (Access data available on request by email to s.krischik@teamwork-media.de)
  • Artwork: Coloured images in the CMYK colour space (PSO Coated V3) in TIFF or EPS formats. No JPEG encoding in EPS please. Image resolution: 300 dpi (for 100% reproduction), stripes: minimum 1,000 dpi (ideally 1,200 dpi).
  • Colours: Please work within the CMYK colour spectrum. If required, send process colours in an extra file using an exact notation (to be arranged with the publisher in advance).

When submitting digital print material via paper mail, add obligatory colour proofs or print proofs.

Team EDI Journal

Dr. Alina Ion

Dr. Alina Ion

Redaktion BDIZ EDI konkret, Editor EDI Journal

Fon: +49 8243 9692-32
E-Mail: a.ion@teamwork-media.de

Silke Matschiner-Oltmanns

Silke Matschiner-Oltmanns


Fon: +49 8243 9692-14
E-Mail: s.matschiner-oltmanns@teamwork-media.de

Sarah Krischik

Sarah Krischik

Anzeigendisposition & Sales Services

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